Scorcio di Torre del Lago, sulla destra la torretta della Villa Orlando



Casa della famiglia Puccini a Celle, nel comune di Pescaglia

The Puccini family moved from Celle, a small mountain village on the right bank of the River Serchio, to the comune of Pescaglia. In 1971, the people of Celle decided to change its name to “Celle dei Puccini” in the composer’s honour.

Lucca is where Giacomo Puccini was born and where he spent most of his youth.

Milan was the place to be for artists and musicians at this time, and this is where a young Giacomo Puccini’s glorious career began.

A young Giacomo established an unbreakable bond with Torre del Lago, never imagining that this place would one day come to be known as Torre del Lago Puccini.